Useful Online Resources

General Zoology Information

Tree of Life Web Project - A handy resource for learning about the phylogeny and characteristics of vertebrates and lots of other phyla.
ARKive - A huge catalog of pictures, videos, and information about more than ten thousand of species, especially endangered ones.
Encyclopedia of Life - Another big database that includes pictures and lots of phylogenetic information at pretty much every taxonomic level.


Understanding Evolution - This site has a ton of great material about evolutionary biology.
TimeTree - A common question in the study of zoology is "How long ago did species X separate from species Y". This site compiles data from available scientific literature about any two species or clades and calculates and estimate of divergence time.
Evolution (PBS) - A companion website to the PBS series. Pretty much everything on this site is an excellent resource. The Deep Time and All in the Family are particularly useful.


Various YouTube channels devoted to biology and other interesting topics.
CrashCourse Biology
CrashCourse Psychology
CrashCourse Ecology
The Brain Scoop
Stated Clearly
True Facts (funny but still informative; some bad language)